Small Grants Program

New metal frames for desks and benches

In 2011, when Helambu Project began working with more schools in the region we quickly discovered that many of the schools lacked basic facilities and supplies that are often taken for granted in wealthier countries. While the schools we work with are all government funded, the funding they receive is often far insufficient to their actual needs and rarely (if ever) covers additional costs like books, art supplies, sports equipment, etc. For these reasons, we started our Small Grants Program. All of the schools that we work with are able to request funding from us for supplies and furnishings up to 100,000 NPR (1,000 EUR, 1,300 USD). The funding has been given for everything from desk and benches to extra-curricular reading materials and is given first and foremost to schools with the greatest need. The only requirement for receiving the funds is that schools and communities have to contribute minimum 10% towards the project.

To read more about specific Small Grants that have been conducted in the past – check out our blog under Small Grant Program.

Contribute to the Small Grants Program by clicking Donate button in the side column. Be sure to let us know what you want your money to go towards by writing “Small Grants Program” in the comment line.

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