Himalayan Olympics

Girl participating in Long Jump competition

Regional sports tournaments and extracurricular activities are something taken for granted in many parts of the world. In 2012, Helambu Project is proud to sponsor and help set up the region’s first sports tournament for schools across Helambu. Along with a local organization called HELP, we are inviting students and teachers from several schools in Helambu to participate in a variety of games. All contestants will be awarded certificates of participation and the winners will receive medals and prizes. All participating schools will also receive complete packages with sports supplies and all teams must have at least 45% of girl participants.

Contribute to the Himalayan Olympics by clicking Donate button in the side column. Be sure to let us know what you want your money to go towards by writing “Himalayan Olympics” in the comment line.

Or if you want help us fundraise or have any ideas for the project itself contact us at fundraise@helambuproject.org

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