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The making of a BBC TV programme was the unlikely trigger for the formation of Helambu Project UK. Extreme Dreams, a reality TV show in which contestants  undertake adventurous journeys in harsh environments, filmed part of the series in the Helambu district. Dr Mike Steven, who was employed as the expedition medic, met up with Dorjee Netup Sherpa who was working for Richard Struther’s trekking company Safe Journeys as the head porter on trek. Dorjee and Richard had been working together for a number of years to try raise the profile of the region through their Nepalese charity Village Environment Community Project Gangkharka ‘VEC’. It was on trek that Mike first learned about their work and on returning to the UK, he made a commitment to fundraise on their behalf which led to creation of the Helambu Project UK

The publicity gained in the build up to the screening gave opportunity to start raising awareness of the project in the press. In particular, an article in a Scottish tabloid was by great good-fortune read by a certain Matt Dodds who in turn became a major fundraiser and contributor. At the same time Richard Struthers continued to spread the word through his trekking company which in turn let to  a number of his clients becoming involved.  In particular,  Pearl Wight, a nurse from Arran has become a key part of the team both as a fundraiser and on the ground working in coordinating and undertaking health camps. Fundraising has since spread throughout the UK and several individuals from the UK have volunteered to visit and work in Nepal.

In 2010 Helambu Project UK took a big step forward by joining together with our overseas volunteers from to form a single organisation. 2010 also saw us achieving charitable status in the UK through our partnership with the new Scottish charity ‘Project Hope: Humanitarian Opportunities for Peace and Education’. Matt and Mike currently represent the Helambu Project as the Executive Directors on the charity board.

The Helambu Project is open to all comers and offers a great opportunity for someone to step forward and ‘before self, put others’, whether this be as a donor, fundraiser, volunteer or simply by spreading the word.

For more information on how to get involved visit the contacts page

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