Get involved

Students of PMCBS

Making a difference doesn’t require somebody travel halfway across the world or huge donation (though we would be happy with either!). There are a lot of ways to have an impact. It’s easy and the commitment we ask for is simply to do what you can. We can give ideas and support. With dedicated directors based throughout the world, it’s almost like you have 24-hour support. If you are interested in volunteering with us in Nepal, you will be able to approach our Volunteer Coordinator and former volunteers with questions and will be sent documents giving you an idea of what to expect, suggestions for getting to Nepal, and a list of frequently asked questions. If you are interested in making a donation or sponsoring a child, you can do so with a daily contribution equating to the change you might have in your pockets right now. Are you interested in holding a fundraiser? We can supply you with media, ideas, and advice to make it a huge success.

If we all did what we could, it would all but guarantee success of projects like this one. Many people are unsure of what their first step should be or are put off by the idea that they can’t commit enough time or money. We’re sure that you’ll find ways to get involved that well fit your schedule or budget, make you feel good, and most importantly, have an impact.

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