Donate in the USA: Drupa Drong Reconstruction

Donate to Helambu Project (Fiscal Sponsorship in care of PC Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin – Nancy Emmert, Treasurer). PC/Press Connection Foundation is a Fiscal Sponsor with Tax-Free status to facilitate fundraising for NGOs like Helambu Project. Helambu Project is thrilled to partner with an all-volunteer organization like PC/Press Connection Foundation. PC/Press Connection Foundation takes 5% of your donation and it goes towards their own grant-making programs that facilitate the work of other volunteer-run NGOs. Helambu Project fully understands and endorses this. By donating here, you are supporting Helambu Project’s educational, health, and cultural programs. A very small slice of your donation goes to PC/Press Connection Foundation for their good work in helping NGOs get going. Helambu Project is happy to be partnered with PC/Press Connection Foundation and has full confidence in their good faith. If you have any questions feel free to contact Chris Limburg of Helambu Project at or Nancy Emmert, PC Foundation Treasurer at

Thank you for your generosity. You are helping make the world become a smarter, healthier, and wiser place by donating here. Peace be with you.

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