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Special thanks goes to Kim Walton and her colleagues at the Deeside Piper for their interest and enthusiasm, which in turn has helped raise thousands of pounds within the area.


Donations have made a world of difference!

Crathes Event raises money

Medics aim to help Nepalese Children

Galston Fundraiser


Himalayan School Project climbs past target

Paczka z Polski do Nepalu – in Polish
Rzeczpospolita (Polish daily)
August 5, 2009

In Warsaw there was a fundraiser where clothes, school supplies and toys were collected that were later sent to Nepal and distributed among our students.


Puppy sale for Helambu

Puppy Power helps Nepalese children

Setting off for Paris

Return from Paris

Banchory Primary P4D support Helambu

Deeside Funeral Firm’s alternative to Christmas

FEBRUARY 2008, BBC Extreme Dreams is televised

This 5-part BBC reality TV show in which contestants are taken on an ‘extreme adventure’ by TV adventurer Ben Fogle was the unlikely trigger for the creation of the Helambu Project UK. Filmed in Spring 2007, it followed five individuals as they trekked through the Helambu region, to reach finally the lakes of Panch Pokhari at 14,000ft. The trek was organised by Richard Struthers from Safe Jourmeys and Dr Mike Steven was invited to join as the expedition medic having recently trekked with Richard to Everest Base Camp. The series was screened in the UK in January 2008, giving more than a million people an insight into the beauty of the area and the hospitality of it’s people. As it turned out, the trek lived up to its name with some rather extreme moments!

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