About us

Helambu - Ama Yangri stupa

Helambu Project is an open source, community platform for dedicated, intentional people to locally address problems that challenge the global community. Helambu Project was started by a group of individuals who joined people as they confronted challenges within their own communities and countries and learn from them about their rich histories, traditions, and cultures. Anybody can be a part of Helambu Project and there are a hundred different ways people have contributed to the project according to their interests and backgrounds.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is not to develop others but develop ourselves as we seek to uphold the local proverb “before self, put others.” As much as we strive to address and resolve problems, we dedicate to listening and understanding before acting. We believe that we have been invited to work in these communities not to challenge but to listen to people’s beliefs and problems and learn alongside them. We place the utmost importance on cultural sensitivity, women’s empowerment, cultural heritage, community involvement and sustainable solutions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our volunteers and contributors do as well.

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