Shree Ganesh School reconstruction

Over the past 12 months we’ve been involved with the construction of a new
school (Shree Ganesh School) in the village of Baruwa, the original school being a
casualty of 2015’s earthquake. We have previously visited and undertaken Health Camps at Baruwa.
We have partnered with PHASE ( and PIN
( both charities are active in various communities in Nepal.
The new school started taking in pupils in August when 4 pupils attended, by the
end of the month it had increased to 7. These numbers are well short of the head
count who attended the old school which numbered 45. The plan is by the
beginning of the new term in March 2019 that numbers will have increased to
The earthquake destroyed 5 schools in this area and following this many of the
villagers uprooted and went to Kathmandu, hence the drastic fall in pupils. The
villagers are now returning to the area as rebuilding works continue within the
During the construction works another obstacle they had to surmount was that the
access road had been washed away and materials and personnel had a 3 – 4
hours walk from the village of Tipeni, in fact the road is still impassable, and the
official opening of the school is planned for mid-September.
The plan is that the school will be handed over to the community, with the
government taking control of running the school.
Jay Narayan (School Principal) is confident that the children will start enrolling
back to the same school, as it will be near compared to where they are going now.
“Furthermore, many locals who migrated to cities after the earthquake are returning
to rebuild their houses, which means more children will be back to their school”, says
Jay Narayan Singh.
With the re-establishment of the school, the ward chairperson of Paanchpokhari,
Pasang Lama, states that the ward is planning to introduce some improved
education programs to motivate teachers as well as parents. They have a plan to
create a child friendly environment and encourage children to actively participate
in school activities, making education fun and joyful to children.

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