Helambu Project supports Manakamana Foundation!

Helambu Project is excited to announce our new partnership with Manakamana Foundation. Like Helambu Project, Manakamana Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. They support young women seeking specific short degrees in many fields including; education, midwifery, and healthcare. Young women are selected with a range of criteria such as economic need, merit, and commitment to community service. Manakamana Foundation practices affirmative action by prioritizing Dalit communities and places with limited access to education for girls and women. The scholars are required to spend their first year working in their home communities. This year, their 23rd year of giving, Manakamana Foundation is funding the educations of fifty young women.

Helambu Project is honored to help fund such a venerable organization . Helambu Project donors make education happen for young Nepalis and we thank you for supporting good work in the Himalaya.

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