Happy Holidays and New Year!

We ring out 2012 and welcome in 2013 with our first teacher training program. In cooperation with the Nepal Teacher Training Innovations and Pax Works, Helambu Project arranged and co-funded training for 30 teachers from all over Helambu. The training lasted two days and sought to address key issues in Nepal’s education system. The training focused on creating child-friendly learning environments, fostering creativity and critical thinking, gender sensitive classrooms, and interactive teaching methods. The training was well received by the teachers who had been requesting additional training since early last year.

Ursula Daniels, from PaxWorks, also attended the training. As part of Helambu Project’s ongoing work with women and girls in Helambu and Nepal, Ursula and Helambu Project’s program coordinator, Ola Perczynska, helped lead additional workshops in addition to the training and develop new project ideas for girls and teachers in the area. All in all it was a great finish to another year!

Ursula working with the teachers

Group work

Completion ceremony

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