New Supplies for Okhreni and Timbu Schools!

Last December, Helambu Project implemented two Small Grants Program projects. With the generous donation of previous volunteer, Marni Henry, we helped to furnish government schools in Okhreni and Timbu.

Okhreni school building

Marni was HP’ s fir

st volunteer to teach English in Okhreni and was moved to help this ill-equipped school. Upon returning to Australia, Marni raised funds to make this building into a proper classroom. Last month, we returned to Okhreni with metal desks, white boards, board markers/erasers, and books (one for each student).

Bringing all this to Ohkreni was no small task. The buses that go there are generally unreliable and the roads quite rocky. On our way there, we were stuck in a village for a night because the bus could not pass a muddy patch in the road. The next day – unable to find any porters – we waited all afternoon for a truck to come pick us up.

(And in trying to come back to Kathmandu, we were stuck in Okhreni due to a strike!)

New metal frames for desks and benches

Once we reached the school, the students were ecstatic to see the materials we brought.

The students immediately started playing with the desks and drawing pictures on the white boards. At the end of the day, we played some games with the students, and distributed the new books. At first the students were not sure what to with the books; it is not too often that books are given to them at school.

Though soon enough, they began to crowd

together and excitedly sift through their new possessions.

With the funds left over from the Okhreni implementation, we helped to furnish the school in Timbu.

Earlier this year, the Timbu school asked for HP help in purchasing white boards and desks.

Thanks to Marni’s fundraising efforts, we managed to provide 8 metal desk frames, 11 whiteboards, and board markers/erasers.

We look forward to doing similar projects with other Helambu schools!

Testing the new whiteboards!

Markers need to get checked, too!

Okhreni students devouring the new stories

So many new stories and pictures, yay!

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