Fantasy Football with Helambu Project USA

(American) Football season is nearly upon us.

What does that have to do with Helambu Project? Well, we strive to achieve a balance in all th

ings, and this fall we are balancing our karmic endeavors with

our love of sport. Helambu Project USA has created its own Fantasy Football league to raise money for

its efforts in Nepal.

By making a $40 donation to Helambu Project USA through PayPal, you will be invited to join the league and compete each week until the end of the season, when the league champion will win $200. Your league fee/donation will help us to bring teacher trainings, improved sanitation, and access to health care to the areas where we work.

Never played Fantasy Football before? It’s easy. Through our league, you can manage your team of existing NFL players, who will score points for you based on their performance in real games. The deadline for donations will be September 3.

Experience the thrill of competition and help us do some good by joining our league today.

Good luck!

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